Monthly archives: August, 2017

Sony began to stop production of the PS3 in Japan


The presence of a new generation platform has always managed to make the gaming industry back excited. That performance is more qualified, he became a catalyst for the games with stunning visual quality is not only just, but also dared to explore a concept that has never existed before. However this also means a matter …

Many demand, Nintendo will be doubled production to Switch


Is the hybrid concept and handheld consoles Nintendo offered via the switch would be successful in the market? Of course too early to give a definitive answer. Especially with the early release controversy is touted filled with technical problems. But one thing for sure, this one case does not seem to deter the hype surrounding …

Musou Stars Confirmed for PC


PC gamers did enjoy the changing trends so promising only in the last few years. Unlike the previous console generation beginning in which he led into a “stepchild” in spite of its ability to offer new games in optimum quality, a new PC to be excellent which is increasingly viewed as the popularity of Steam …