FIFA 13 Punch Resident Evil 6 in the UK

The month of October is counted as a sweet month for gamers around the world. How come? As the month transition welcome year-end holidays, many publishers who use this opportunity to release their flagship games. Not surprisingly, the competition between them is a phenomenon that is quite interesting to observe. In the European region, represented by Britain, the big names carried by Resident Evil 6 was not strong enough to break the dominance of soccer franchise from EA – FIFA 13. This is evident from the sales reports in the past week.


The success of EA made FIFA 13 as one of the game sport with the largest releases figures seem indisputable. Moreover, the UK is also known as a strong base that allows the record to be produced. This dominance increasingly looks strong after FIFA 13 managed to defend his crown for two consecutive weeks, shaming those games that is currently popular as Resident Evil 6 and Borderlands 2. A fact which is quite surprising considering the game sales dropped significantly – 72 % from last week. One other interesting fact is the success of Resident Evil 6 to position itself as a game with the release of the fourth largest in the year 2012. While the other 10 most popular games? Here’s the full list:
We are still Dominating !!

Resident Evil 6
Borderlands 2
Just Dance 4
F1 2012
NBA 2K13
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
PES 2013
Sleeping Dogs

With the speed of release of the game is increasingly fierce, the gamers would have to deal with new challenges – trying to resolve these games before more new games are released. How about you? Any game that you’ve finished 10 games out of the list above?

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