Many demand, Nintendo will be doubled production to Switch

Is the hybrid concept and handheld consoles Nintendo offered via the switch would be successful in the market? Of course too early to give a definitive answer. Especially with the early release controversy is touted filled with technical problems. But one thing for sure, this one case does not seem to deter the hype surrounding her. With the stock already exhausted in a few foreign giant retailers, Nintendo claims to have sold no more than 1.5 million units Switch, making it the most successful release of Nintendo’s history in America, Europe, and Australia. Demand seems still booming.


How booming? Enough to make the Nintendo decided to double the production process targets for the next fiscal year which starts in April, 2017. Had planned to mix about 8 million units, Nintendo touted the target is now to double to 16 million units to meet demand. Nintendo seems to be quite optimistic to be able to sell at least 10 million units switch in the next year. Official financial report itself will be raised next month.

Nintendo still does not give any official comments relevant report quoted from the Wall Street Journal. 10 million units / year? Rational sounding in your ears?

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