Modders present Crysis in GTA V

Creativity modder has always deserved thumbs up. In the right hands, they not only had the opportunity to enhance existing games with improved graphics or injection features only qualified, but also a game that ended much differently. One of the most often get this treatment? Of course, the best open-world game concoction Rockstar – GTA V. He consistently get mod-mod cool, than going to inject a new city on top of it until that allows you to play the popular superhero characters. One of the newest even allow you to taste the Los Santos as the Prophet!

Absolutely, Prophet from Crysis. Crytek being financial difficulties may no longer be interested to release the latest series of the franchise that has always been famous for its visual power of this one. However, this does not preclude modder desire to bring this iconic character to GTA V. Not just any character models, mod created by JulioNIB also includes all of the functionality of the Nanosuit itself. You can access all his strength, enjoy the features of Crysis its distinctive UI, while enjoying its sound effects are unique.

If you are interested to try this one mod can go to the link we provide. The power of creativity, huh?

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