Open-world so new standard for Legend of Zelda

“Do not change something that is not broken”, how often have you heard the expression on this one? That maintain a formula that has proven successful in the market is much more important than simply channeling creative passion, for example. But it never seemed to be the method adopted by Nintendo. While each release of Nintendo’s latest platform is always accompanied by Mario, Pikmin, Metroid, until the latest Zelda though, they always managed to inject something new and different from her. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild so the latest evidence.


Experiments open-world concept that Nintendo is injected in the Breath of the Wild received positively by the kritkus and gamers, calling it a refreshing new approach. Not only for external course, this reception also makes Nintendo think again about the Legend of Zelda franchise that already are decades old. Open-world mechanics Breath of the Wild will they make as a new standard.

It is disclosed solely by the producer – Eiji Aonuma in his latest interview with Famitsu. He openly that all Zelda games in the future will follow the basic shape of Breath of the Wild. Talking about the timeline of the story that he stretcher, Aonuma, unfortunately, throw an ambiguous answer. He said that the history of Hyrule is always changing and uncertain, like someone who has just discovered a new parent document.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild itself has been released for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch. How about you? How many of you are happy with the decision to make Zelda as an open-world game today?

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