Sony began to stop production of the PS3 in Japan

The presence of a new generation platform has always managed to make the gaming industry back excited. That performance is more qualified, he became a catalyst for the games with stunning visual quality is not only just, but also dared to explore a concept that has never existed before. However this also means a matter of time backwards to the previous generation platform. That along with the increasing popularity of the new generation, a legacy console will begin to be abandoned and end up “dying” forever. This process is happening with the previous generation console from Sony – Playstation 3.


Live for almost 11 years since its first release in November of 2006, and even had a witness of the birth and death of a competitor consoles – the Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 3 era might have ended forever. Sony finally announced it would stop production of the Playstation 3 officially in Japan, starting from the standard versions that contain a 500GB capacity in it. Production will start in the month of March 2017 to stop this.

Such a decision is of course a sign of the death of an era, especially with a variety of cool exclusive games ever presented by the console this one. How about you? Of all the games that was released on the Playstation 3, so which one you favorite?

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