Tabata Clarification: Mystery Ending Final Fantasy XV

Talks about Final Fantasy XV did warm up again, almost a year after it was released. Once only available for consoles alone, it is now set to go to the PC with the best visual format and range of mobile devices in the “Pocket Edition” which will bring a simpler visualization and gameplay adaptation that is more suited to the touch screen. With Tabata appearances that are now increasingly diligent talk about it, especially with DLC Episode Ignis which is still not released to the market, he also came out to answer some questions about the mystery of Final Fantasy XV itself. One of them, concerning the endingnya full of question marks.


Speaking directly with Kotaku, Hajime Tabata finally answered a question full of mystery related to Final Fantasy XV ending. As we know, Noctis did end up dead to save Insomnia at the end. But the bonfire scene at the end of the game, where he talks with his comrades: Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto produce two different theories for the fans.

The first theory believes that the scene took place before Noctis was killed, and was their last bonfire before fighting Ardyn Izunia. While the other opinion believes that this scene took place in “afterlife”, and these four characters actually ended up dead to save Insomnia. This is reinforced by the fact that Square Enix has never spoken about the fate of these three characters after struggling to despair the enemy when Noctis was fighting. But the question is finally answered.

Tabata made sure and the three characters: Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus, all alive. That the scene of a campfire that existed existed before the last fight, not after. Tabata mentions that for the moment there are no plans to explore additional stories for these three characters after the Final Fantasy XV event. But one thing is certain, he mentions that the fate of the three is not exactly happy. As four friends who are always together in joy and sorrow, losing one of them will certainly be a heavy blow. They may never be truly happy again, though in the end, their goals are achieved.

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